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This notice board contains current information about Microprojects applications, available updates, bug reports and want lists. If you find a bug or want a new feature contact Microprojects support.

Equinox Pro v7.2.0 April 2014

  • Updated iOptron iEQ45/ZEQ25 protocol.
  • New Canon framework.
  • Added support for Canon EOS M and T5.
  • Added full frame and APS-C SV outlines.
  • Added slew detect script command.
  • Fixed a star number startup bug.
  • Removed Equinox Image communication.
  • Removed the old NexStar 5 and MCU protocols.
  • Reduced the price!

Time-Lapse v1.15 - December 2015

  • More bug fixes for El Capitan.

Time-Lapse v1.15 vs. El Capitan

The last couple of El Capitan updates have slowed down the image listing function dramatically. And while the listing verification is ongoing it appears as if Time-Lapse is hung (spinning beachball and no response). If you just wait it out (several minutes or more) the image listing will complete. 

If all your images are the same size you can skip the image verification and that will speed things up considerably. Go to the Filter panel (command+F) and check the “Skip Image Verification” checkbox.

I am working on this...

Equinox Pro v7.2.1 April 2014

  • Fixed scope protocol bug.

Equinox Pro v7.2.2 October 2014

  • Fixed iEQ45 control bug.
  • Fixed comet display bug.

New website Host - September 2015

Equinox Image has been discontinued as of March 31, 2014.

If you want to see when new versions are released, bug reports, tips and discussions - join the Equinox Users Group.

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