Equinox vs. Equinox Pro

Notice Board

Equinox is the Microprojects application downloaded from Apple's Mac App StoreSM. Due to some restrictions on App Store applications, to offer Equinox at a lower price and to make Equinox simpler to install, Equinox does not have all the features that are in Equinox Pro. If you need the additional features of Equinox Pro you can upgrade. See the Register page of this web site.

Equinox Pro features

  • All the features of Equinox.
  • Support for SkyFi/StarSeek WiFi scope connection.
  • Communication with Stark Lab's PHD.
  • Comminication with AstroPlanner.
  • Comminication with Starmap Pro (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad).
  • Webcam control.
  • Canon EOS camera control.
  • GPUSB and DSUSB control.
  • Optec, RoboFocus, JMI and MoonLite focuser control.
  • SBIG SG-4 autoguider and AllSky control.
  • Custom and DDW dome control.
  • MPCORB database processing (500,000 minor planets).
  • Camera outlines in Scope View window.


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